Help save Letters and Numbers

2012-08-01 21:37
Ruth Fredericks
Fremantle W. A.
Letters & Numbers
I can't believe that you could swap such a very enjoyable programme, we were addicted to it. The whole team were professional as well as being good fun, we miss them.Bring them back.
2012-08-01 21:16
Paul Moseley
Letters and Numbers axing
Having watched 4 episodes of Countdown I realise what a professional production LAN was.Congratulations to all those involved in LAN, not often we can come up with a programme that makes the imports look puerile and amateurish. Maybe if SBS can,t manage to continue the series ABC could take over and we wouldn't have to put up with the adverts.
2012-08-01 14:00
Hugh Stanford
axing of Letters and Numbers
SBS what are you thinking to axe this show.Cheap to run,great lead into the news and you axe it and replace it with a british show that nobody will watch.It just defies logic.
2012-07-31 13:13
Sam Sterling
Island of Efate Vanuatu
Letters and Numbers
I have just spent a few minutes reading viewers opinions on the axing of L&N. I really can't add much to the debate except endorse every comment. SBS, you WERE my favourite network, now -in protest- I won't even watch your programmes, even the news, which is a pity, it was the most informative and intellectual news hour of all competitive networks. I urge all thinking people to boycott SBS! Will they bring L&N back if their ratings drop!

Wake Up SBS!
2012-07-30 22:24
Cheryl D'Abrera
St Clair NSW 2759
What a great show. It was a great teacher for today's kids who can't spell and need a calculator to do a simple addition. This made them use their brains. Something that is educational is tossed on the heap BUT they bring in yet another cooking show, just what the Aussies need to pile on the weight. The other rubbish that is brought in is the Reality TV shows. Here is a show that does not have to fork out big money for prizes, just a big dictionary that is a very useful tool in the English language and IT gets dumped unceremoniously... I do hope they change their minds and bring it back. It was a one of a kind show with 3 lovely hosts who kept the show ticking over. No more musical shows please, just bring LAN back, a good clean family show.
2012-07-30 21:22
Mark SInnott
Axing of Letter and Numbers
What a peculiar decision! As an expat living here, I grew up watching the UK version of Countdown, a cheap to produce, runaway hit for 30 years.

Surely SBS can find the right ingredients and time slots to make LAN the success they want? With so many cookery shows on that channel, surely linguists deserve to be catered to as well.
2012-07-30 18:23
Leo Leung
East Bentleigh
letters and numbers
It is silly for sbs to axe l&n. Not just this is a great show it is also a good lead in for people to watch the news that follows.
2012-07-29 15:44
I always believed that my tax dollars going to subsidise SBS were to help ensure it produced programmes with a difference and of quality.I simply cannot believe SBS has ceased L&N.What great chemistry those three had, and what a pleasure to see a show totally different to the generic rubbish served out on the commercial stations.
2012-07-29 10:36
John Knight
Oi, scammmers!
We aren't reading your ads, so stop trying.
2012-07-28 19:28
Roger Hooton
Barossa. SA
Why is Countdown 15 minutes longer than Letters and Numbers? How old are the programmes?