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SBS recently announced that they were ceasing production of Letters and Numbers, with the last episode to be shown on June 27. Sufficient support from the public could cause them to reconsider this position, and bring Letters and Numbers back to our weeknights.

4940 people have shown their support. Thank you!

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2013-06-27 18:56
Geoff Bailey
Newtown, Sydney
One year on
As I write this it is one year (and a few minutes) since the last episode of Letters and Numbers finished airing. At this point it seems highly unlikely that the show will make a return to our screens, an outcome that I find very disappointing. It was not for lack of fan support, though, as I think has been made very clear.

Thank you to everyone who has visited, voted, commented, spread the word, or otherwise contributed to the attempt to reinstate the show. I think it has demonstrated quite clearly that there was considerable community interest in it, and shows the squandered potential.

Thank you also to Richard, David, and Lily, who established a wonderful rapport early and made the show truly shine. Thank you to the contestants who brought their individual quirky charms to the show and demonstrated a wonderful spirit in the way they played.

And special extra thanks to everyone in the production team, the often unsung heroes without whom the show would not be possible. I was fortunate to meet a fair few of you, and you all helped make my experience as a contestant fantastic. Thank you for doing so very well and producing a show to be proud of.

This seems an appropriate time to retire this site; I shall keep it online for the foreseeable future but no further comments or voting will be allowed. Thank you again to everyone who visited and participated.

One last reminder: Each weekday I put up new versions of the show's games to play through over at ; do drop by if you wish to play.
2013-06-26 20:13
we like to support the show
2013-06-09 11:11
Barossa. SA
Nearly a year gone since L & N on our screens
Sadly it is now nearly a year since Letters & Numbers was on our televisions and despite this great campaigning website and no doubt numerous letters and emails to SBS management requesting the return of the show and letters and emails to the ABC to take on the show nothing, absolutely nothing has been done to return the show to our screens. Shame on both television companies. There are numerous repeat shows on both channels despite the popular use and ease of use of recorders for the public to record shows. There is an excellent time area of 6.30pm to 7pm on Mondays to Fridays that the ABC could use to put on the show. And remember folks the SBS show was recorded at the ABC studios. I wonder what has happened to all the studio props? Have they been destroyed or put in storage? Oh well we all live in hope for the return of L & N but I can't in reality see that happening whilst cooking, home decorating, singing etc shows have the public entertained rather than testing their brains and giving a wonderful education for young and old. Rest In Peace L & N and maybe in 20 years time when there is a television programme looking back at GOOD tv shows of the past clips will be shown of L & N.
2013-05-11 15:24
John Knight
Stoneville, WA
ABC programming
Given that ABC lost out to Foxtel in the bid for the majority of BBC programmes, they'll probably be giving more focus to local content. In which case, should we petition the ABC to pick up the programme, where let's face it, it should really have been all along?
2013-05-04 22:33
Bring back Letters and Numbers
Come on SBS bring back the show that not only provided great entertainment but also an opprotunity to test your maths and linguistics skills, or is hosting french and spanish movies for important
2013-05-04 06:58
Barossa. SA
SBS Staff.
It appears that SBS has sacked all its staff as the company do not reply to letters posted to them about L&N nor do they reply to comments on this website. The company appear to know nothing about good customer relations. Oh well hope their advertisers note that and move to other tv channels.
2013-05-02 17:33
David Morrison
Blue Mountains
Leters and Numbers
SBS said it was resting the programme. How much sleep does it need?
2013-04-26 12:00
Hania Trzaskowski
Brunswick East
Bring Back Letters and Numbers
Come come now SBS, theres no shame in admitting the mistake of your axe, and bring back the best show you ever produced.
Brain training on a daily basis is the best was to prevent so many degenrative mental diseases, think of it as a public health service and bring back the show!
2013-04-09 11:59
Letters & Numbers
Letters & Numbers - awesome. Lily was awesome...but if it doesn't come back at least I have archives - DVDs
2013-04-09 09:39
Family Fun
This was a program my wife and I enjoyed watching with our children - now aged 9 and 7. They loved it and they loved having a go at the puzzles.

A program that was fun and educational with terrific presenters. Why SBS wouldn't bring it back is beyond me? Particularly with so much other rubbish on TV these days!
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