Help save Letters and Numbers

2013-01-31 19:45
Connie Haskins
Oberon NSW
Letters & Numbers
I tried watching Countdown-abysmal. Now I see SBS has taken up Marngrook Footy Show after ABC canned it & SBS is trumpeting their decision as being a response to community anger at the axing. Good on you for that SBS. Now how about responding to the ongoing disappointment at the loss of our half hour of brain stimulation and bring back L&N. Please.
2013-01-16 21:45
Still mourning the loss of this jewel of a program but now that SBS has taken off the 3 pm version as well I guess it's run out of feet to shoot. Hoping that nerds take over management at SBS soon and BRING BACK L & N.
2013-01-13 10:07
Port Macquarie NSW
Letters and Numbers
The axeing of this show was to be quite honest a stupid move.
It provided good entertainment as well as giving one an opportunity of using a bit of brain power.
Please bring it back.
2013-01-12 11:19
Drysdale, Victoria
I miss Letters and Numbers
Letters and numbers was a 30 minute brain training show that helped families learn together. It increased vocabulary and helped people solve mathematical problems by looking outside the box. All presented in a fun manner. Please, please, please bring it back.
2013-01-03 11:02
Kununurra WA
Letters & Numbers
Six months on and we still miss l&N. There aren't"t too many 'must see" programs on TV, but that was one. My husband and I almost learned our 75x tables! Countdown didn't quite do it as well. Please, SBS, bring back L&N, and that may lead us into watching more SBS programs afterwards.
2012-12-28 15:41
BRING BACK LETTERS AND NUMBERS! I have refused to waatch Countdown, so has my family. Letters and Numbers was one of a kind and cannot be replaced. Please bring back Letters and Numbers, has to be the cheapest show on earth. When I came home from school I would do my homework early so that I would not miss a single episode. Please bring it back, it HUGELY improved my maths and I am very upset that it is being axed.At school, our maths teacher would show us the episodes to improve our mental computation and by the end of the term, nearly everyone was saying that they were watching it every night and the ENTIRE class had improved enormously on their maths.
2012-12-14 17:13
Fiona Turner
Letters and Numbers
Please bring back Letters and Numbers. It is a wonderful program which encourages thinking and is also entertaining. I don't watch SBS at 6:00pm any more. Please bring back Richard, David and Lily.
2012-12-11 14:15
Geoff Bailey
Newtown, Sydney
Temporary measures
It's not nearly the same, but I've been putting up "new" games to play on the blog for those suffering withdrawal symptoms. The link is in the last section of the About page, or you can cut and paste the following:

Please keep up the support for the show -- I admit it is hard to see any reversal of the decision at this point, but you never know. A big thank you to everyone who has already voted and commented and spread the word; I think it demonstrates very well the widespread community support that Letters and Numbers has.
2012-12-10 17:22
The one 'must watch' TV program for me- which by the way also introduced me to other SBS information programs. Please bring it back
2012-12-07 23:52
Jeni Burke
Letters and numbers
we seniors need to keep our brains active - letters and numbers should be available on prescription!