Help save Letters and Numbers

2012-12-03 11:00
Kelvin Harvey
Angle Vale S.A.
Letters and Numbers - Countdown.
Along with so many others I miss Letters and Numbers so much. The show was great entertainment plus a good brain workout with a great team of people.
Now Countdown has gone too, I know many people did not like it as much but at least it was something to get the grey cells working. Please can we have one of the shows back. It has become a ritual in our home to play each day before our evening meal.
2012-11-30 15:33
Roger Hooton
Barossa. SA
No reply from SBS boss.
As mentioned by me on this site a few months ago I wrote to the SBS boss and enclosed a stamped addressed envelope for his reply. Still NO reply. Obviously NOT interested in their viewers.
I am would be interested to know how many people watch the French news programme compared to the repeats of Letters & Numbers? I suspect more watched L&N than the French thing.
2012-11-30 14:52
Derek (Again)
I'm with you, Damien and Simon. SBS is now off our browser! It was bad enough L&N being dropped without any prior warning, then to do the same to the re-runs... Words Fail Me!! What sort of mindless morons run SBS anyway? They MUST know of this website, so why not listen to their more discerning fans ... or is that the problem, are discerning people too intellectual for SBS...??
I'll revisit this site from time to time, but as I said, SBS is
hostile country to me now!
2012-11-29 14:22
letters and numbers
SBS how could you? Replacing the wonderful Letters and Numbers with the boring English version with the totally personality deficient host who is not only without any charisma but is also sexist and not funny!! Does SBS now mean Serious bull ****. It is about time you listened to your viewers or is the reaction of your viewers so unimportant to you. Wake up!!!
2012-11-28 11:44
letters & numbers
Please bring the show back they were a joy to watch cannot
beleive sbs cancelled the show,especially when there is so much
rubbish on,countdown is ok but not in the league of Lily David
and Richard,hope sbs comes to its senses soon.
2012-11-27 12:55
Reruns dropped at 3pm - Disgusting
Now they have even dropped the 3pm reruns of Letters and Numbers for "France 24 International news". Not against that program but not at the expense of L&N.

I am absolutely disgusted!

About time we start to lobby the government to remove SBS funding.

Anyone know how to best start such a campaign?
2012-11-26 21:31
I cannot believe that they have axed the 3pm repeats. I AM NEVER WATCHING SBS AGAIN. #boycottsbs
2012-11-26 14:56
Jan Syme
SBS phone number
To register complaints about both the stopping of repeats and the lack of new program's, SBS's phone number is 1800 500 727

Let's flood them with complaints!
2012-11-26 14:41
Now they have stopped the reruns at 3 pm
I am really cranky that they have now, as of today, stopped showing the repeats in the afternoon. One very "Not Happy Jan"
I wonder how many people will watch the French news?!
2012-11-23 14:13
Simon Petduks
Very disappointed
With no Letters and Numbers I am left with no reason to watch SBS any longer.