Help save Letters and Numbers

2013-04-02 15:52
Garry K eating
Wynyard Tasmania
Please bring back L & N 'tis the only show worth watching.
2013-03-03 11:40
Derek (Again)
Port Vila
Richard Morecroft
It was great to see your contribution of a few days ago. Yes, you may well miss the program, but rest assured there are many thousands of viewers who miss You, David & Lilly!!

Alas I feel the hopes of us dedicated fans at ever trying to revive L&N is like trying to push a piece of string up a drain pipe!!

SBS' World News Australia used to be my favourite news program ... never watch it, or anything on SBS now!!
2013-03-01 17:48
Anne Weeks
I miss Letters and Numbers too
1213 comments as I write this - what do you need, SBS, to persuade you to revive Letters and Numbers?
Was the best Australian content & production you did, IMHO.
2013-02-25 10:55
Please bring back the programme miss the stimulation and the lovely people
2013-02-21 14:50
Mike Backhouse
Sunshine Coast
It's not too late to restore your credibility SBS!
Just put Letters and Numbers back on. All organisations make bad decisions from time to time. It's not too late to stop alienating your audience SBS!
2013-02-16 15:47
Richard Morecroft
Many thanks
Richard Morecroft here – with a big thank you once again for so many continuing expressions of appreciation for Letters and Numbers. In the early part of 2013 I’d like to wish everyone who’s been so loyal to the show all the very best for an outstanding year ahead. As I’ve said before but am happy to repeat, I couldn’t have enjoyed my time on L&N more and feel privileged to have worked as part of such a wonderful team. We’re all sad that the show is no longer in production and I don’t have any knowledge of that being likely to change in the near future. However it’s been great to have been associated with a programme that brought so much pleasure to so many people. I’m very grateful to have had that opportunity.
2013-02-13 13:02
John P
Letters And Numbers
Axing Letters And Numbers has got to be the dumbest idea SBS has ever had. This highly intellectual and entertaining show was one of the highlights on an otherwise dull tv with its "reality" programmes and achingly dull programmes on other stations. Please bring back Letters And Numbers!
2013-02-12 16:16
Terrible decision
There aren't many shows on TV that get people using their brain, letters & numbers was the best of them and brought together the whole family.

Bring it back you fools!
2013-02-12 09:49
Letters and Numbers
Loved it especially the maths. I really miss it.
2013-02-04 15:40
Hoppers Crossing Victoria
Letters and Numbers
Please please please bring Letters and Numbers back. It is a show that we liked watching as a family and having our own battles to see which family member would win the game. It also helped our children hone their mental arithmetic skills and improved their spelling and vocabulary