Help save Letters and Numbers

2012-06-25 14:51
Letters and Numbers - please don't axe!
I hope SBS will see the irony in axing L&N with the aim of offering "new, great content". The L&N format is, in a good way, vastly different from other shows on TV, with a pleasant atmosphere and great hosts to boot. It allows viewer participation on a level above everything else (well OK, maybe you can cook against the Masterchef contestants if you really want).

I understand though that this is a fairly esoteric format (particularly for Australia) and might be tough to justify financially.

But if popularity was insufficient, I think it's probably due to lack of awareness of L&N rather than dislike of it. I myself, after stumbling upon some Countdown bloopers on Youtube late last year, liked the format and semi-followed Countdown for some time, oblivious to the existence of an Australian version.

Countdown itself came from inauspicious beginnings but persevered. I think L&N was not given enough proving time, assuming that production ceased in November 2011 (when audience tickets were last advertised) which gives about 15.5 months of time for receiving feedback on broadcasts before cancellation. It takes time to raise awareness of a program.

Maybe I would have liked to see Countdown on TV here in Australia, but not after I've witnessed the superior L&N. Personally, as someone familiar with both shows, I wouldn't consider Countdown to be a substitute, to say nothing of all the L&N viewers who haven't seen Countdown yet. I suspect Countdown will probably be shown only temporarily, to be replaced with some other program when SBS has made it, but I can't think of a better use of that time slot than Letters and Numbers.
2012-06-25 14:49
Annandale, nsw
We love Letters and Numbers,
My daughter hates Maths but will actually have a go at this when the family watches,
And it is Australian, with an Australian dictionary, Australian words, very validating and informative, not to mention providing a glamorous role model for aspiring young female mathematicians, and David is so clearly in love with his subject it's infectious.
Please keep producing this in Australia.
2012-06-25 13:34
Emily Hawker
Long live L&N!
Like Geoff, I discovered Letters and Numbers during season two. I don't think I've missed an episode since. Including all repeats.

It's a unique show - it's clever, fun and, despite focusing on (potentially) difficult anagrams and (possibly) difficult calculations, it's accessible for all ages and abilities.

Please revive this show after its 'rest'. Thank you.
2012-06-25 12:14
Newcastle , Australia
Please bring back Letters and numbers
We just love the show. Feeling so sad that its being stopped. It is an educative , informative programme for the young and the old. Please bring it back SBS.
2012-06-25 11:00
jackie turner
bring back letters and numbers
one of the most enjoyable ,educational entertaining programs for the whole family, from children to seniors.Please bring it back. We have so much rubbish on tv today, this program stood out like a beakon in the dark. The combination of Lily, David and Richard was absolutely perfect. Pleae Pleas Please reconsider this decision
2012-06-25 08:24
Geoff Bailey
Newtown, Sydney
Welcome, and thank you for stopping by
As should be obvious, I am deeply disappointed in SBS's decision to suspend Letters and Numbers; since I first saw the show midway through series two it has rapidly become a very enjoyable part of my weeknight, and one that I look forward to each day.

I hope that enough public support for the show will be demonstrated to prompt a review of this decision and bring Letters and Numbers back to our screens. Please vote if you have not already done so, and leave a comment here and/or in the forum. Most importantly, please share this website with others. The more attention this gets, the better the chance of success.