Help save Letters and Numbers

2012-06-26 06:45
Berwick Victoria
My my my
For once a decent program with humour,intellegiene and skill is put on television. The team make each task a learning tool and we can never have too many of these to sharpen the brain. SBS I implore you to reconsider.
2012-06-26 04:25
Paul Allitt
Newport Victoria
Keep letters and Numbers
SBS only has 3 shows I watch, Letters and Numbers, Rockwiz and Speedweek, all great Australian shows, I even gave up my long held tradition of watching the 6PM news on Channel 9 to watch Letters and Numbers, something I thought no other show would sway me to do, does SBS want anybody to watch their channel any more ?, where's the common sense in getting rid of one of the few good programmes they have ?????.
2012-06-26 01:08
Patricia Mitchell
Richmond Victoria
Letters and Numbers production
Our evenings would be so much poorer without the superior entertainment and education Letters and Numbers brings, With its excellent presenters,lighthearted yet dedicated attitude and great variety of contestants, it is a window on a world that charms and uplifts unlike so much of what goes on early evening,including depressing news stories.Keep up this great programme,please!
2012-06-26 00:15
Lainie mercieca
Never miss a night
Every night we make sure not to miss L & N. I myself being a past contestant on the show and a competitive scrabble player, and my husband an accountant, therefore my attracted to the numerical puzzles, we really enjoy testing ourselves and each other whenever we are watching.
We are gutted at the decision to axe the show!!!
Please SBS, reconsider!!!
2012-06-26 00:09
Carol and David Bailey
Central Coast, NSW
Letters and Numbers
We LOVE Land N, just the way it is. It's a 'must see' in our house. We love the presenters, the banter with the contestants, and the challenge of it all. It's one of those programs that crosses all age groups, and it's both brain food and fun.
Why would you axe such a quality program? Lily will just have to do two programs!
We run some puzzle courses for both older people in U3A and primary school students where we incorporate a modified version of L&N for teams. Both groups very much enjoy this, and it makes us aware how many people watch and love L&N.
Please keep our Aussie program
2012-06-26 00:02
Hanne Marks
Dulwich Hill NSW
At last we have a worthwhile show, modelling humour and literacy and numeracy and not least courtesy to our children and to us ... was it really too good to last? You have a faithful and dedicated audience: why are you letting us down?

I am addicted to L&N an active Scrabble player, I know several of the ex-contestants personally to a greater or lesser degree and this makes the show particularly piquant for me. Am hoping that the team members have not become disillusioned or tired with the all too predictable routine: it's a huge part of the charm of the show! Will miss them and the show enormously if you do not change your minds - please keep them going!! Have you discussed the matter with Edward O? What does he suggest?? (I must ask him myself ....)
2012-06-25 23:42
Bob Briggs
Ringwood North
L & N
The decision to "rest" L&N seems utterly illogical. Why does SBS management's wish to develop "new, great content" require, as a prerequisite, the axing of a program as worthy and entertaining as L&N? Can't SBS do both at the same time? If not, then I suggest SBS needs new management. The UK version has been running for nearly 30 years, the French version for over 40 years, and we can't even manage 2 years! It's pathetic! SBS: hang your heads in shame!
2012-06-25 23:14
My whole family from teenagers to grand parents all love this show.We are sad.............please reconsider ,SBS
2012-06-25 22:47
Save Letters and Numbers!
The classiest local quiz programme of recent years. Please, please reconsider and save the show that spins the propellor on my thinking cap every night!
2012-06-25 22:10
Croydon Park, Adelaide
Please re-consider
L & N is a wonderful breath of fresh air amongst some fairly mediocre TV shows. It encourages families to play together, an interactive, educational, fun and good old fashioned wholesome way to spend a half an hour. This is not to say the show isn't innovavative and modern - in fact it is one of the most intelligent shows around. The local content and personalities make it relevant and enjoyable. Please, Please, Please SBS make a good decision And reverse the decision to take this show off air!! Stand up and continue to contribute to Australian's intelligent TV viewing and family values.