Help save Letters and Numbers

2012-06-25 18:45
Daniel G
L&N Australian Edition must be Returned!
What an utter outrage that SBS has seen fit to "rest" L&N! This show is so simple in its appeal to such a varied audience (by that I mean young and old), that it is simply addictive television and has become must-watch TV for me and many of my work colleagues and family.

Ever since I stumbled across the first series when I was home sick one day, I would religiously tape it to play along and, when that became impossible, have been watching it via the catchup service every evening on the website. Also, with Geoff Bailey's blog at hand whilst watching, it has helped to provide that deeper level of analysis of the show that makes watching L&N all the more enjoyable.

I have to admit never having been very strong with the letters, but L&N has helped me enormously to grasp the numbers (as an engineer, you could say I have a greater love for the numbers) much more easily and quickly. I often now surprise myself with the computations I can do now in my head as compared to before L&N came along. This regular aritmetical exercise for my brain has done for me what so many years of schooling could not - give me the confidence in myself to "compute on the spot" as Lily can so effortlessly do.

Here therefore is where the real value of L&N lies - it is a great educational tool for children to help expand their vocabulary and aritmetical skills, but also it helps to keep the brain sharp for those of us a little older (like me at 32) or maybe quite a bit older as well like my retired parents and people of their generation.

So how about it, SBS, petition the Federal Ministers for Education, Health and/or Ageing to get on the bandwagon and help fund the continuation of L&N, for the greater good of the country! Failing that, do it to help sustain your ratings into the early evening every week, because many a person will baulk at watching the UK version when our team of Lily (my favourite of course), David and Richard do such a great job bringing this show into our homes and PCs every weeknight)!

As for the rest of us here, let us spread the word that we will not be happy until SBS brings back our very own L&N for good, back to it's old timeslot. With enough complaining, it might just get back on our screens after the Tour De France!
2012-06-25 18:33
Bring back L & N
This is the oly show I know that has devotees from kids to older viewers.

I think it is a crazy decision to axe this show, very short-sighted.

Please reconsider and bring back the best show on TV.
2012-06-25 18:26
Graeme Gibson
Change your mind SBS
Show some strength of mind SBS - admit you made the wrong decision, and watch the plaudits come your way
2012-06-25 18:25
Silly Decision
no not a silly decision, a stupid one. I too have seen Countdown, and that is what drew me to the format, I was thrilled to discover L&N on SBS. There is too much reality TV now (and those damn funeral ads). I will miss Letters and Numbers and hope that SBS reconsider. Why not show Countdown as well as our own.
2012-06-25 18:01
Toby Baldwin
Thirroul, NSW
Best game show on Australian TV
Almost tempted to use the term 'tragic'. Closer to the truth is 'galling'.

I sincerely SBS come to their senses and decide to continue with production.
2012-06-25 17:57
Conrad Hor-Kwong
An excellent show that surely doesn't cost much!
We love Letters and Numbers, which has encouraged us to persevere with SBS News, long after the hour long format continued to disappoint us. Without Letters and Nunbers we'll be back to the ABC.
2012-06-25 17:51
I've got an 8 letter word.
Countdown sux.
2012-06-25 17:50
Matt Peile
We love Letters and Numbers.
David and Lilly are great role models.
Richard is a legend.
This show reflects our love of problem solving with letters and numbers.
Would love to see Letters and Numbers - Team Series...
Much love from Brisbane
2012-06-25 17:46
Quillpower (Christina Crossley Ratcliffe)
How many Macquarie dictionaries can a champion use? ff L&N had allowed the use of the Greater Oxford as well there might have been more scope both for words and prizes. Everyone was excruciatingly and time-takingly polite, so quaintly brainy and unAustralian. Will be sorry to see L&N go, especially if our brilliant ones are being replaced by yet another Beeb cheapie.
2012-06-25 16:12
Bernard Bialecki
Tell us the truth SBS
Sorry SBS I don't believe you have just "suspended" L&N.
If it's funding and/or ratings just say so.

This is one of those shows that attracts a very dedicated audience (of which I am one) and the statement made about the show treats all of us with contempt.

And don't try to sell Countdown as being as good. I've seen Countdown, and whilst it's the same concept, the rapport between the hosts is nothing like we have with Richard/David/Lily