Help save Letters and Numbers

2012-06-26 07:48
Mount Colah
Every day, every single day my husband (54), me (44) and daughter (6) sit together before dinner and we watch L&N. We battle over the words, chase eachother for the numbers. We love Lily, she inspires our daughter who is just starting her maths learning and sees Lily as an inspiration not to mention a help for us in helping her not find maths intimidating. She reads like a trooper and even uses our old (1st) edition of the Macquarie dictionary to look up words. (this is a new skill for her now that she has finished all the levels of the reading relevant to her grade at school she is getting extension exercises). I can't imagine why SBS really think we would want to watch an imported version.
2012-06-26 07:43
Vinny in Sinny
Quiz show purity
The simple elegance and purity of L&N will be sorely missed (not to mention Lily, the person with the sexiest brain on TV!). Watching this show with my children and seeing them develop in speed and accuracy has been a fabulous and unexpected bonus for me.
SBS should hold on to this now, before one of the commercial channels grabs it, tizzeys it up with tack, adds ridiculous prizes and destroys it.
2012-06-26 07:43
Maree Hourigan
Watching letters and numbers has become a family institution. We love pitting ourselves against the contestants and enjoy the obvious respect the presenters have for each other and the amazing skills they show. Shame on you SBS. When you are on a winner, stay with it!
2012-06-26 07:42
Brett Cottee
Oakdale NSW
How could SBS axe Letters and Numbers
Lillies arithmatic is awesome don't take it away.
2012-06-26 07:38
Sad sad sad
My grandson worked out a 6 letter word, he was so excited and I pointed out there was an "s", it was a 7 letter word! Then one contestant came up with the same word and my grandson jumped for joy. He commented "is this show always this good??" - yes it is. And now it's ending, how SAD SAD SAD.
2012-06-26 07:37
Jaki Wallbank
Manly NSW
Letters & Numbers - great Aussie show!
Axing L & N???? Really????? It is the ONLY thing I watch on SBS. Maybe SBS should be axed and the money put somewhere else?? Let's get real - with cable TV SBS has become redundant. I watch all my foreign language stuff on cable, including RAI. You have a program that has universal appeal and you want to cut it? It's not 20 years ago when SBS was offering somethhing unique. Far from axing L&N, you should be expanding it - how about producing/buying a foreign language version?
2012-06-26 07:35
Newport NSW
I can't believe it!
I just heard Adam Spencer mention the removal of LAN from SBS and I am deeply shocked.

Although he is wonderful, I think Stephen Fry popping up everywhere presents enough English quirkiness on our television ... and we have such a great line-up - Richard Morecroft is amazingly gracious (and clearly knows more than he lets on!), David Astle who I thought I disliked because of his cruel cryptic crosswords turns out to be great fun and a source of wonderfully fascinating words and Lily Serna - where do you get a maths genius who also presents well, with great respect for all the contestants.

It would be a travesty to axe this just to show us POMs doing exactly the same thing!

SBS please do not make this mistake.

Thank you.
2012-06-26 07:33
Central Coast NSW
Save the only decent show on TV
Please! Please! Please! do not axe this great show. I look forward to it every night. It stretches the brain and I enjoy the friendly banter between the cast and contestants.
2012-06-26 07:32
Save Letters and Numbers
My family enjoys the show. We sit and watch it together and try to find answers. Don't let it go.
2012-06-26 07:28
Don't axe the little ray of sunshine in the bleak world of television
Letters & Numbers is the highlight of my evening. Where else on telly can we have brains and etiquette with the lovely cast, Richard, David and Lily? We record the show every night so we can sharpen our skills, compete with everyday Aussies who prove that brainpower is the ultimate super power.

SBS I implore you to keep Letters & Numbers on the air. It's the ray of sunshine in a very bleak world. The cast have such great rapport, the contestants always interesting. And the letters & numbers games are always fun. It would be very disheartening to not challenge myself to the conundrum every weeknight.