Help save Letters and Numbers

2012-06-26 08:10
Maraylya NSW
Bring back Letters & Numbers
I will be sorry to see the demise of Letters & Numbers, a great show for all the family and a wonderful contrast to the "reality shows" which I can only comment on from hearsay.
2012-06-26 08:09
Jeremiah WIlkes
Westmead, NSW
Why get rid of it?
So many people watch this program! many families in particular view this show. I'm in my mid 20's and I watch it (and my mates as well!). Please, lets be sensible about this and keep what good programs we have left!
2012-06-26 08:07
Gordon and Lyn
Bella Vista
Keep our minds active!
They advise Seniors to keep their minds active and Letters and Numbers does just this. We enjoy the challenges each evening to solve the letters and numbers problems and occasionally we even beat the brilliant contestants. No imported show can better this one! PLEASE KEEP LETTERS AND NUMBERS AS IT IS.
2012-06-26 08:07
Marj Miller
Limited Auditions
To the best of my knowledge L&N has only conducted auditions in Victoria and South Australia - I hope this statement is correct.
I do know that many scrabble players in the other states and territories would audition if SBS could see their way to broadening the range of their auditions.
We will be sad to see it finish.
2012-06-26 08:06
Bruce Crawford
Combating Dementia
Letter and Numbers ought be continued funded by the Health Department as a means of combating dementia in the aged.
Please keep it going.
2012-06-26 08:05
Macquarie Fields
No don't axe L&Ns
I agree with all comments above. Please don't go.
2012-06-26 08:04
Pam and Howard
Something to hurry home for
So sad to hear this - one of the few shows that we both enjoy! What are SBS thinking?
2012-06-26 08:03
repeats (not repeates). Sorry DA!
2012-06-26 08:02
It is the only competitive show that celebrates intelligence. We don't need more vacuous singers, dancers and cooks. We have too many boring B list celebrities and pretty boys on TV. The outcry against the axing of Letters and Numbers shows that there is a real need for brain-food on TV.
2012-06-26 08:01
Language is local
This is where we need local content - we must have Ausralian language for this format.
It has been bad enough that we have had repeates for many weeks now, much worse to hear that they thought they could let it slip right away.