Help save Letters and Numbers

2012-09-17 12:40
Bring it back ... or else!!
Naively, when I read that L&N was being rested I thought that's what it meant - an extended break to allow David, Lily and Richard to do other things for a while. I waited patiently, and more patiently and then IMPATIENTLY and now the horrible truth has dawned!! The (by comparison) horrible British Countdown is pathetic as a replacement - I watched this in the UK some years ago and thought it was a great concept for a program but seeing it again the presenters seem to have no personality or warmth and I lost interest after 3 episodes. There is nothing like the rapport that developed between 'our three' and the way they could project their friendly personas and tongue-in-cheek humour into our living rooms. And the British program is too long - I don't have time to sit down for 45 minutes at that time of the evening.L & N was in an entirely different class and a great Aussie program. Please, please, pretty please BRING IT BACK - and I promise to watch nothing else but SBS for everandever.
2012-09-14 20:05
Adelaide SA
Is anyone listening?
Seriously are all of these comments not enough to get the SBS executive's attention? Do SBS not care at all about their audience? Is the best they can do is post that appaling short statement in the beginning that Letters and Numbers will be "rested" and nothing since?

The curious thing about of all of this is that SBS did not remove Letters and Numbers and replaced it with something better or different. They removed a top quality program (probably the best 1/2 hour of TV in 10 years) and replaced it with a non-Australian, counterfeit, deplorable version of the same thing!

Common sense would suggest they should be going in the opposite direction, that is, replace terrible, low-rating 1/2 hour slots with better and more sought after programs.

Why would a TV station sabotage their own ratings? I can only imagine how bad the UK version is rating as I have not read one positive review of this program. Everyone is crying out for the Australian version.

I used to watch SBS from 6pm to bed-time, now I just find myself turning to other TV stations. They have not only lost the viewers from 6pm for 1/2 hour but also for several hours after.

If someone from SBS management could explain to this forum the reasoning behind this decision I am sure we would all be anxious to hear it: Were the presenters asking too much? Did they run out of dictionaries? Were the dictionaries too expensive?

Honestly Letters and Numbers represented everything that TV should be and was one of the few programs I could watch together with my family. I felt so glad that at least one TV station was able to provide a program of such a high standard, educational and entertaining.

2012-09-13 19:15
Betty Cameron and Wendy Hansen
Richmond, Vic.
We are devastated that Letters and Numbers has left our screen. We watched it from the beginning and our night has been ruined since it's been cancelled. It was a social event that kept our brains agile. Countdown just doesn't do it for us. We need to be able to relate to the local content and people. We loved the Letters and Numbers presenters. Please bring it back!
2012-09-12 11:28
paul ohlson
Wyndham Vale Vic
Letters and Numbers
Here's a suggestion for you SBS. You obviously no longer want Letters and Numbers to be shown on your network.( well you are not making any new episodes are you hmmmm?) So why not sell the rights to another station, eg channel 10. That way, you get rid of a show you no longer produce,channel 10 get a number one programme for their network (and don't they need it ) and we, the Letters and numbers viewers, get our show back with Lily, David and Richard. That is a WIN WIN WIN for everybody So what about it SBS?
2012-09-11 22:04
No di-serna-ble reason
I am bemused that SBS would drop Letters and Numbers in favour of Countdown.
Good manners, cheerful banter, half an hour of fun and enlightenment. Local content versus import. Yes, I can see why it was dropped!
The current version of Countdown is in my opinion a second-rate version. They have to include a fourth person to help carry the show. The wordsmith on Countdown does not appear to have the skill that David displays. If Richard, David and Lily wanted to pursue other things then fair enough, but if they've still got it in them to continue on then please bring them back!
2012-09-11 20:57
letter and numbers
I love Letters and numbers. I am actually only 11, but I love cracking the numbers problems. I look foreward to watching this show when I am in school. This show has made me enthusiastic about Maths and English
2012-09-11 18:48
Suzanne Macrow
What an inferior production is this import known as Countdown it lacks the warmth and charm of our locally produced Letters and Numbers and is nowhere near as entertaining. Our Lily, Richard and David had a true and genuine comraderie and this came across on each show. SBS should be ashamed of itself for discontinuing this entertaining show which gave your brain a workout!
2012-09-10 12:02
Nick Adam
Bring it Back!
Firstly, I am from the UK and have watched Countdown for years. I love the show and was delighted upon moving to Australia that there was a local version. If people had been raised on Countdown like myself, I have no doubt it would be supported, however the Aussie version is definitely better (as great as Richard Keys is). Can't believe deluded TV execs have decided to Axe an iconic program and replace it with an imported version. I have no doubt they will be regretting their decision based on the revelation of the knock on effects this cancellation has had on other programming.
2012-09-09 23:05
Bring back the gang!
Our family used to watch L&N together, encouraging both our primary aged children to improve their maths skills. They loved it, they loved Lily while we loved David. Countdown is a poor replacement, as well as poor decision making by SBS. Support Aussie TV!
2012-09-07 17:30
Peter J. Forrester
Perh Western Australia
Bring back the real Letters and Numbers
L&N is good television why is it not on? Richard is an honest presenter he likes a joke and is genuine. David is extremely good at find the 9 letter word and more often than the UK lot. Why are the UK lot so dourer and flat? As a late 50yo I cannot spell and would never play Scrabble but since L&N I have improved. I miss my lessons. Let’s face it I miss Lily. L&N had that spark missing from the UK version. It is entertaining education and it is just better than countdown.