Help save Letters and Numbers

2012-09-05 08:15
M Cheevers
Just Bring it Back. Please.
Honestly I have tried but Countdown is a big no no for me. What's the deal with the extra person in "Dictionary Corner"? Who are these people? There's no chemistry, no real interaction, no family mixes or perfect matches, let alone a releasing of the ratpack. Last night I flicked from SBS1 to SBS2 and caught a L&N Bitesize. Just 5 minutes of this wonderful show.
Please SBS bring back Lily, David and Richard, or sell it to the ABC and let them put it on before the news.
2012-09-05 05:48
Bring Richard, Lilly and David back ASAP.their on air chemistry was great and aid wasted when the show itself is not on airThere are repeat episodes on at 3pm every day so why axe the 6pm bit.
2012-08-29 14:24
Derek Fountaine (again)
Letters and Numbers
Yes, I'm back -again! I have seen comments from David and Richard, but what I wonder is; do SBS programmers read this website or are we all just peeing into the wind?? There is none so blind who do not wish to see, nor deaf than those who do not wish to hear!!! So, 'Powers-That-Be', start paying as much attention to your audience needs rather than your fat salaries!!! 'Countdown'? Utter Crap!!
2012-08-28 17:54
Letters and Numbers
SBS have made a programming decision that matches those made by Channel Ten recently. Letters and Numbers is the only reason many viewers turned to SBS.

SBS have shown a total disregard for a)Public opinion, and b) reality!
2012-08-27 15:50
Nambour, QLD
Letters and Numbers
Agree with other comments that Countdown is not a patch on Letters and Numbers - it's an insipid bit of fluff compared to l&n. The UK should be dumping countdown in favour of l&n, not the other way around.
2012-08-26 07:59
R Christensen
Coffs Harbour
Letters and Numbers
Countdown is rubbish. Who ever made the decision to axe Letters and Numbers need their head examined
2012-08-25 23:30
David Keuneman
Email sent to SBS Programming last week
Attention: SBS Programming

SBS has rested Letters and Numbers for long enough now. The shows which intervened (Tour de France etc) are all now over.

My appetite for Letters and Numbers is not satisfied with the foreign series Countdown. To run Countdown is demeaning to the intellects of Australians who could participate in a Letters & Numbers production. We need and deserve more pride in our own people and our capacities.

Incidentally the Letters and Numbers team is, in my opinion, superior to the supercilious team on the foreign show. I will not become a regular viewer of Countdown. Watching it would also make me sad to think of how our own talents could be honoured.

I hope that Letters and Numbers has well enjoyed its rest; we await its return with impatience.

Please announce immediately when new Letters and Numbers shows will return.

Yours respectfully

David Keuneman
2012-08-22 10:54
Leah McDougall
Enough Resting of Letters and Numbers
Please bring back L&N - my favourite show. Its a great pity that Lily is being wasted on yet another food/travel show.
I refuse to watch that UK replacement - they are not a patch on our own presenters.
SBS has lost another viewer. Do they care?
2012-08-21 23:32
Glenn Ruddle
Letters and numbers
I have to say i am dumbfounded at the decission by SBS to omit letters and numbers from its present programming schedule.
Of all the shows on T.V to rest as they say, this to me would seem to be one the least worthy of abandoment as it has assembled onto our screens a show that has unlike many others created an avenue whereby viewers and contestants alike can pit their collective wits against some quite challenging conudrums and puzzles alike.
A show with a simple premise of seeing what members of the public are capable of working out and doing so in the least available time frame.
Letters and numbers is a leviathian of learning and should be revered as a show of substance why at the same time emits a great deal in the style department especially in the form of the very curvaceous, cutest brunetteus and very clever with numbers the ever adorable Lilly Serna.
Lilly has shown time and again that she is so much more than pretty face as she seems to be able to work out solutions to mathmatical problems at what looks like light speed (well near enough to it)she is certainly a credit to the programme and an invaluable part of what has become compelling viewing and im not saying that just because she is gorgeous but that is definately a bonus.
Moorcroft too is a very likable studiuos personality who can articulate very well and can back things up with the occassional joke that more than often goes down well with viewers, while not going overboard on commentary.
The bloke with the dictionary(sorry i can't remeber your name)is also a very down to Earth yet knowledgable character who can draw words out of book like a western movie gun fighter, he has obviously decided to use his abilities for the side of good not evil.
I wish for the only countdown we see on T.V to be the countdown to the days of the rescheduling of what has become one of my and obviously many others favourite shows.
Here, here to intelligent productions on the big screen and small.
We need letters and numbers to fill the void and not be driven up the wall.
You have shown that a programme where the whole purpose is to put yourself to the test for no other reason that to see how good you can be rather than play for a prize is competition at its purist form and this is in itself why such a show is worthy of continual support by SBS and why it will continue to have a loyal, dedicated fan base to.
Thank you for the short but very sweet stay of much beloved programme, we wish for a speedy recovery and rescheduling too.

Your sincerly,
Glenn Ruddle.
2012-08-21 17:26
Jo amd Family
Wollongong NSW
L&N....where are you?
As a family we tune in regularly to watch and play L&N. So very disappointed to hear that Australians have axed a great local show with local talent...shame on you SBS Management for selling out. Heaven only knows why...and remember cheaper isn't always's not always the content but the presenters we follow. Nobody follows the management...if we did we probably would have axed you!

Please bring it back.