Help save Letters and Numbers

2012-08-14 18:10
Julie Watkins
St Kilda Vic.
Nerds or alternates.
Are all we enthusiasts of L&N nerds, or alternates that enjoyed participating in a show that wasn't dumbed down. Remember the Einstein Factor on the ABC that sadly disappeared! I looked at the UK version on L&N bloopers - left me cold, so I haven't even bothered with the current program. The idea that SBS is 'resting' L&N smacks of subterfuge. WHY, WHY, WHY?
2012-08-13 21:30
Western Australia

Permit me to use a few cuisine related metaphors with each referring to either of the respective countries:

Country A recipe
Within the kitchen ambiance of a council flat on a frozen winters day, take perfectly good and fresh vegetables and boil them to within an inch of their life making sure that all the goodness and nutrients are subsequently poured down the drain. Cook meat until it resembles and tastes like shoe leather rendering it a possible substitute building material suitable for low cost council housing. Take your anaemic cardboard vegetables and petrified meat and serve with copious amounts of salt and HP source, hoping it will at least enable your gests to swallow such an uninspired dish.

Country B recipe
Within the ambiance of an outdoor BBQ in the sweet fresh air of a glowing summers day take an exotic menagerie of mixed vegetables and marinated meats and place them on the steady hotplate. Sizzle and sir fry to perfection so as to release the delightful aromatics and bursting flavours of your ingredients to the glee and anticipation of your diners. Roundly serve with crusty breed, world class wines and beer, putting not only everyone’s pallets at ease but also their minds and dispositions.

Now can you guess which country typically would be associated with inspiring either of the above experiences? Which metaphor best matches our watching experience for COUNTDOWN vs LAN?
2012-08-13 20:20
Sheila O'Kelly
Letters and Numbers
I would love to see Letters and Numbers come back. It had so much entertainment and educational value. It was a show that I really looked forward to each day.
2012-08-13 18:47
Helga and Hagar from Gippsland
Letters and Numbers
If SBS thinks we'll be satisfied with "Countdown" as a replacement for OUR L&N, they're dreamin'!
Presenters and contestants are unenthusiastic, we can't even understand half of the dialogue because they're talking into their bench tops, and the contestants seem to only be able to select "one large and five small"!! And don't get us started on the frail responses when someone (rarely)gets a great word.
Bring back the real thing!
(And we suggest that England be sent copies of our version to help them improve their lacklustre show. I don't think we can put up with it for much longer...)
2012-08-13 13:49
Bill Waters
189 Tramway pde Beaumaris
Save Letters & Numbers
Letters and Numbers is one of the few current shows to involve the viewer in interesting and stimulating mental exercises, in a format that is totally engaging. It is must-watch tv for our family, and a healthy antidote to the mindless "reality" shows which proliferate on our television screen. Bring back Lily and David at all costs!!!
2012-08-13 13:46
Richard Gonano
Bring back the Passion
Richard, Lilly and David are not only professionally good at what they did, they have a passion for it and it translates into a wonderful and uplifting program. No show ever failed to raise a few smiles and to be very entertaining and informative. I would love to see it back. Perhaps not watching Countdown is a more powerful vote. Buying the Countdown series from the UK must be cheaper but I cannot imagine L&N being very expensive to produce. It's a bit of a shock. Apparently the late Margaret Whitlam was a keen follower. It's a pity she isn't around to post her support.
2012-08-13 11:40
Chris Sitka
wasted on cooking
Lily's appearance on a cooking show is this week. What a waste of a brilliant mind. I only occasionally watch Countdown as it is so annoying and pathetic compared to our Australia program. But watching it makes you realise what a great job Lily, Richard and David and the crew did. By comparison Countdown feels dead. SBS MUST bring back Letters and Numbers.
2012-08-13 10:29
Vilya and Martin Congreave
Regional Victoria
Bring back Letters and Numbers
The British version is just not comparible. Richard,David and Lily created a truly enjoyable program.Their personalities are so right for this show! The show stands alone for it's positive and curteous interactions. A feel good program surrounding mathematics and literacy! Please bring it back as we need this unique program to lift our spirits before our daily dose of world affairs!!
2012-08-12 20:20
Geoff Bailey
Newtown, Sydney
Re. Presenters
The presenters have each remarked on their respective personal fora that they miss the show and that they are very appreciative of all the support that the fans have given. My understanding is that all of them would be very glad to resume working on the show if the higher-ups at SBS would bring it back.

It would be impolitic at best, and perhaps a breach of contract, for any of the presenters to comment further in public. The public dialogue has to come from the SBS management and from all of the viewing public like us who are happily unencumbered by any contractual obligations to SBS.
2012-08-12 20:09
John Knight
Their thoughts, while very diplomatic, have been made known on their social media pages. While they seem to be steering clear of talking about its cancellation, they say they have been greatly touched by our support here.