Help save Letters and Numbers

2012-07-24 22:31
Tactic for the return of Letters & Numbers - Aussie version
I want Richard - the great host, David - the incredible linguist (how does he know all he does? So many times I reckon he must have a computer hidden under his desk -lol) and Lily - the maths genius (what alien is sitting on her shoulder?) BACK. A brilliant, educational, fun, respectful show which turns everyone's brain on – and puts us to the challenge. To say nothing about the Contestants, from all different backgrounds and nationalities who step up and excel. It stretches us, educates us at all age levels. It should be a part of every school's curriculum. Has SBS lied? Did not they state that the UK version would come on after the Tour de France? Well SBS – the Tour de France is over. And I would not watch the UK version anyway. Bring Richard, David and Lily back.
2012-07-24 21:11
Mt Martha
Missing Letters and Numbers
How could SBS replace Letters and Numbers with a programme about horse racing in Barbados?!!
Quite unbelievable.
We are enjoying the Eggheads on ABC 5pm - not a children's programme as the name suggests, but the last remaining quiz show that makes one think.
Maybe the ABC could be petitioned to take on Letters and Numbers.
2012-07-24 20:35
Joy C.
An intelligent quizz show. How unusual.
Letters and Numbers is the ONLY quizz show my family has ever watched. It's intelligent fun. No wonder it should go. Let's keep Australia moronic.
2012-07-24 15:14
Stephen Godley
New South Wales
Talk about shooting yourselves in the foot, SBS! Such a successful programme and the perfect lead-in to the News and you dump it. Who there makes decisions about programming? One evening combined with Global Village and some wonderful documentaries, I watched SBS for 5 hours from 5.30 to 10.30 pm without interruption. Shouldn't you be encouraging such patronage?
2012-07-24 11:47
Glen J
L and N
Come on SBS this is ridiculous!! How the hell can you allow this great bit of television disappear?
2012-07-24 10:38
Trish Ridout
Nabageena, Tas
L&N 'rested'. Why?
Letters and Numbers has been the highlight of weekday viewing - a challenge and chance to exerise those 'little grey cells'. With a plethora of mindless rubbish on other stations, it has been refreshing to have an intelligent program on air wherein we at home can participate. I cannot believe that we devotees are in the minority. Richard, David and Lily are exceptional and brilliant hosts and I sincerely hope that sense will prevail and we shall soon see the return of this wonderful program.
2012-07-22 16:15
barbara West
Adelaide South Australia
letters and numbers axing
hello sbs hope someone out there is paying some attention.we
need an explanation.A popular entertaining &informative show T & for some unexplained reason its gone!T here was i enjoying Le Tour knowing that letters and Numbers would be returning and I would get my nightly fix with Richard David and Lily when my son drops the bombshell that it has been axed.I'm shocked that your prorammers dont have the wit or judgement to know when they;ve got a hit. Bring it back!
2012-07-22 01:38
Daniel Murrie
Countdown is no replacement for Letters and Numbers
It wasn't about the game show, it was about the banter between Richard, David and Lily.

I don't understand the decision to 'suspend' the show. Letters and Numbers had quite a following. Do the right thing and bring it back.
2012-07-21 22:36
Renee Koplick
Intense dislike!
Letters and Numbers is such a great television show. It does not deserve this unjust treatment of being pulled. I have enjoyed every brain aching moment of watching the show and it seems so unfair that it has to come to an end. Even owning the books is little comfort to me in comparison to the show. How will I be able to watch television without Richard, David and Lily and getting my fill of brain workings? I also can't believe people attacking Lily Serna. She has been a brilliant part of the television show and without her the show would cease to hold a fraction of the appeal it currently maintains. Also repeating what Matthew from Sydney has said - why are the television stations choosing to play dumbed down versions of shows in place of an intelligent show like L&N? I can understand some of the other channels playing what they do; as, in recent years there has been only terrible show ideas coming from the other networks. I really enjoyed SBS coming up with some decent television for once. Just like other people have said, I doubt I will watch SBS if not for the return of one of the only decent television shows in existence (L&N).
2012-07-21 21:43
How can "The Shire" have a spot on Australian TV and Letters And Numbers does not.
I will never watch SBS again. They have good shows then ditch them, same thing they did with Top Gear.