Help save Letters and Numbers

2012-07-28 19:27
Roger Hooton
Barossa. SA
Weekend Australian Review 28th July 2012
Here is what Weekend Australian TV reviewer Ian Cuthbertson has to say about Countdown.
"This is clearly a sop to those who were gutted when SBS dropped the Richard Morecroft-helmed crossword puzzle and mathematics game show, Letters and Numbers. While Countdown appears at first livelier than the local version, you can see why the producers here opted to cut down on the beguiling banter and witty repartee. Phoney as a two-bob watch, ridiculously localised to Britain and, frankly, not a patch on Letters and Numbers, though the games are identical."
2012-07-28 14:57
Claus-Dieter Zimmer
Bombala NSW
Letters & Numbers
I am furious that this popular quiz show has been axed by SBS. I finally had something to look forward to on week nights - now the pleasure has been taken away by SBS. Unbelievable!
I too now have the pleasure of watching Eggheads on ABC - it's the last quiz able to test your knowledge - left worth watching.
Who wants to watch Countdown - bring back the australian version of L &N asap
2012-07-28 10:19
Patricia Zimmer
Bombala NSW
Keep Letters & Numbers
Having known this show from living in France (where it has been running for decades), I was so pleased to be able to watch it here.
Now SBS has decided to "dump" this educative and "addictive" show. WHY NOT DUMP SOME OF THE CHEAP AMERICAN RUBBISH which no intelligent person wants to watch anyway!
I and my family are thoroughly disappointed with SBS by wanting us to watch the british version and hope that they will reconsider their stupid (financial) decision. In the meantime, week nights at the whole family will miss Lily, Richard and David - hoping for their return to our screens soon.
2012-07-27 22:18
Losing loyal viewers
Gem of a show that could have run for years.
2012-07-27 20:01
Steve McGuiness
L and N
Noooo, Say it isn't so. What a great half an hour to relax. The presenters have a great connection with each other, and surely it can't cost that much to produce.
2012-07-27 16:22
Pls reconsider
No multiple choice
No Eddie Maguire
Also, the beautiful hostess being a mathematical genius
This show has it all!
The commercial stations get away with calling guessing games and mindless hosts that need comedy to hide their lack of intelligence "quiz" shows. Let them, but please bring back this, the only genuine quiz show on TV!
Come on SBS, you're better than that!
2012-07-26 14:49
Evelyn Fountaine
Port Vila, Vanuatu
I am appalled that the programmers would even consider removing Letters and Numbers from their schedule. It is the highlight of our evening five times a week and is a great help in restoring my brain damage after a stroke two years ago.
2012-07-26 13:32
Derek Fountaine
Port Vila Vanuatu
Letters and Numbers
I am totally gob-smacked that SBS would even consider canning L&N. The programme stood out like an intellectual beacon amid the dross of what passes for entertainment these days!
2012-07-26 12:53
Bring back Letters and Numbers
I enjoyed this entertaining and absorbing programme. Axe Thalassa or something else, not Letters and Numbers!
2012-07-25 16:40
Dani Stephenson
Bring back Letters and Numbers
Dumbing down Australia continues