Help save Letters and Numbers

2012-08-11 16:29
Letters and numbers was a pure soap bubble floating above a sea of effluent, and speaking for those of us who prefer soap to effluent, we would like the programme returned !
2012-08-11 15:45
Ted and Pam Thomas
Port Fairy
Bring back Letters and numbers
Letters and numbers was one of the highlights of our day. At 6pm time to sit and relax for 1/2 hour before dinner.
The replacement program is terrible and so we have returned to the ABC for better quality programs.
2012-08-11 15:38
Ruben and Edda Bidarte
Letters and Numbers
We were totally incredulous of the abrupt ending of our favourite show 'Letters and Numbers'. How can SBS dare to end such a popular Australian made show, for both parents and children to watch and participate in together? Not only was it immensely popular, but its production must also have been quite economical for SBS. Such an ill-advised decision is to be condemned. This show should be brought back immediately. We can't wait for some level-headed authority at SBS to order the show's reinstatement.
2012-08-11 12:53
Bring L & N back
Countdown was the very fIrst program to be shown on Britain's Channel 4 in 1982, this is the program that L & N is based on and has been on continuously. It is relatively inexpensive to produce and is more educative than the drivel that is shown on a lot of the other channels. So SBS be damn quick about getting it back on air.
2012-08-11 12:18
Bev and Alex
Please please ;please
Please bring back our favourite show, Letters and Numbers. It was so stimulating,challenging and full of interest. We can't wait any longer. As for Countdown...urgh.
2012-08-11 10:33
Stephanie Berry
East Ivanhoe, Victoria
Letters and Numbers
I mourn the loss of the only TV programme that really challenged brain power. Letters and Numbers was essential viewing for me and the Richard, David and Lily team engaged the viewer in a personal way. Countdown does not replace the local version in any way, lacking the zing of Letters and Numbers and is a "turn off". Please bring back Letters and Numbers!
2012-08-11 08:34
Judith Mahoney
L&N was an informative and enjoyable program. I am having withdrawal symptoms - the books are not enough. Bring back Richard, David and the scrumptious Lily.
2012-08-10 23:11
Please bring back numbers and letters as there are so few stimulating tv shows these days and this is a real was a programme for the whole family enjoyed by different age groups and again too few of those exist todaywhich is a shame by. We appreciate the re runs but they also will run out.please take notice of your audience we are really missing the show !
2012-08-10 15:18
Letters and Numbers
Please bring back Letters & Numbers. My husband and I have tried to watch Countdown but it is a very poor substitute for L & N. Countdown is , well- just boring! The team and the contestants alike seem to be "just going through the motions". They totally lack the enthusiasm displayed by the L & N team and contestants. Much as we loved the previous team's expertise and repartee we realise that there could be a time when some or all of this team may not wish to continue to do the show. However, there must surely be other people who could just as capably fill these roles. We sincerely hope that SBS consider bringing back our wonderful Aussie version.
2012-08-10 14:35
Whos bright idea was it to cancel Letters and Numbers.
Please reconsider to bring back L&N one of the only intellectual programmes on SBS. Who want s to watch those Wankers on Countdown who think they are funny and noone can understand them. Please reconsider.