Help save Letters and Numbers

2012-07-19 16:23
Insanity Gone Mad!
There is no doubt that Letters and Numbers was an incredibly popular program and axing it was extremely daft on the part of SBS. It was the only program on television that had not been dumbed down to appeal to a wider range of audiences and the only game show without a cheesy host or ad breaks in the middle of every sentence to build tension that really isn't there any way(Masterchef,anyone?). Now we are left with the likes of Big Brother, The Shire and The Voice US on other channels. I would rather punch myself repeatedly in the stomach than watch The Shire!

It was brought to my attention by the SMH Heckler column that SBS were putting Lily on a cooking show which is a great way to show off her skills. Perhaps she is there to teach the chefs how to multiply amounts of flour for larger cake tins?

It also annoys me that SBS are still prepared to sell tie-in books and DVD's yet will not produce more Letters and Numbers shows!
2012-07-19 16:10
Olive Taylor
Mona Vale
Letters and Numbers
I am furious about SBS plans to stop the Australian version of "Letters and Numbers".

How could SBS waste Lily's wonderful mind on a b....y cooking/travel show!!

I am a great-grandmother nearly 89 years old and I need the mental stimulus. My eldest son is in his 60's and lives interstate, but we often ring each other with a quirky "Did you get it?"

At my cardiologist's surgery recently the physiologists were discussing the numbers on the screen, and I asked them if they had ever watched "Letters and Numbers". They both lit up like Christmas trees - "Oh yes, isn't Lily wonderful?"

David Astle is filling another gap in my life. I am writing my autobiography, and need help finding the magical words that will describe some of my childhood experiences.

Richard Morecroft is ideal as the compere. (The Physios even said how lovely it was to see him back on the screen.)

It is this show that has me watching SBS. I am fed up to the back teeth with b...y cooking shows!!

Bring back the Australian Letters and Numbers team or SBS has lost me forever.

Olive Taylor
2012-07-19 10:55
Roger of Barossa
Silly post, Roger, like many of your posts on the SBS website nitpicking about the manners of contestants. Lily's job in the actual playing of the game was to adjudicate and solve the numbers games, and she was outstanding at that. There wasn't a single contestant in 400 episodes who came anywhere near her ability in solving them. The producers would be hard-pressed to find a male in a suit, or anyone wearing anything, who could do them as well.
2012-07-18 22:10
Roger and family
Barossa. SA
To many viewers, including me and my family, Lily was used primary as a sex draw card. Notice it was a female up front in different dresses and lots of flesh being shown yet the show had two men behind desks with only bare face and hands being shown. The show was sexist and if you doubt that then would the show be attractive to some viewers if it was a male dressed in a suit doing the numbers and letters and two females in long sleeves and high collar dresses doing David and Richard's job? If the show ever returns then we would like to see a complete change of presenters.
2012-07-18 15:37
We need L&N
I hope SBS can see how we are all reacting.. I would want to be there for the the first episode if this makes an impact :D
2012-07-18 12:03
The comments criticizing Lily are ridiculous. You have no idea when the cooking show idea was put to her or when the decision about L&N was made and whether the cooking show had any influence on the decision. You are just guessing. You are in the dark about the details yet you jump to conclusions.
2012-07-17 21:35
What cheek!
Noticed tonight that SBS has started advertisinng the DVD of the L&N Masters Series, using excerpts from the show! They've got to be kidding! Is this so that we'll all go out and buy a copy of the DVD seeing as we can no longer watch the TV show itself and they can then make extra money on program sales? I, for one, won't be buyiing a copy.

Talk about adding insult to injury!

Instead of selling copies of the program, SBS should just bring the show back and restore faith with their audience.

Yes, get off Lily's case, everyone! L&N didn't end because she was doing Destination Flavour; SBS pulled the plug on the show; not Lily!
2012-07-17 21:18
John Knight
Ease off Lily, guys. No one said she'd left L&N for Destination Flavour, and during her interview about it, there was no suggestion that she was trading one for the other, it's just guilt by association.
2012-07-17 20:59
SBS is an acronym for Same Baking Shows. Also Same Boring Shows. My family has stopped watching SBS and we will NEVER watch any show with Lily Serna again after her deflection from L&N. Noticed that none of the baking/cooking shows on TV show you how to cook baked beans on toast as too complicated for tv chefs.
2012-07-17 19:34
Paul Dent
Albury NSW
A Special Kind of Stupidity
Isn't SBS supposed to be an acronym for Special Broadcasting Service? What's so special about another cooking show?