Help save Letters and Numbers

2012-08-09 23:05
Bring Back L&N
Why - oh - why do we have to to have foreign imports when we have the real thing produced at home. I watched part of one Countdown show and feel cheated with the cheap, less professional version.
2012-08-09 21:47
Bronwyn Hutchings
Bringing back Letters & Numbers
Please return Letters and Numbers to its rightful time slot of 6.00pm Monday to Friday. Thank you
2012-08-09 17:30
Stanley James Hewish
Letters & Numbers
Have you relegated letters & numbers to an earlier time slot.??
If so. Why.
This was a great show, not like all the mind numming shows that we are forced to look at.
Bring it back to a decent viewing time.
2012-08-09 13:33
Vivienne Cerfontyne
Please bring back L & N!!!!
I've watched 'Countdown" a few times and can say without hesitation that L&N is a far classier act than those wannabee comedians on countdown! Bring back the class and professionalism of Letters and Numbers PLEASE!!!! I will not be watching countdown any longer, it doesn't inspire me at all.:(((
2012-08-09 12:59
Di Ekman
Westleigh NSW
Bring back Lily, Richard and David!

2012-08-08 19:42
Melissa McKenzie
Inanity of "Countdown"
The only Countdown I would consider watching is re-runs of the musical show on the ABC with the wonderful, and now fully recovered, Molly Meldrum.

This English version is a hideosity. SBS is buying shows, just like the ABC, Monster Houses, all that rubbish, where a great show with a wonderfully entertaining cast is cancelled.

I have NOT WATCHED SBS since the first day this atrocity, Countdown was on.

I will not watch you again. Neither will my family. We are all great consumers, so forget any revenue from advertising from the McKenzie clan!!!!!!

You are obviously all on drugs, or advised by an idiot!
2012-08-08 13:55
Derek Fountaine
I am unashamedly returning for a second bite of the apple. First time I was here I had not seen'Countdown.' Now I have I will say again, bring back L&N! Countdown is entertainment -I guess, but Letters and Numbers it AIN'T! David is erudite with a wry sense of humour, he can be funny; whereas the so called 'Comedian' on C'Down is a pain in the 'you-know-where'! Fortunately we can turn on the TV at 4pm local time) and see re-runs of old programmes ... brilliant!!
I have spoken about David, let's not forget Richard, an anchorman supreme and Lilly, enigmatic with a smile broader than her whole face!

Please bring them back!!!

Derek Fountaine
2012-08-08 13:26
Kathy Hayes
Please bring back Letters and Numbers
I was devestated when I heard that L&N wouldn't be back after the cycling. I used to watch the shows online that I couldn't get home in time to watch until I bought a digital recorder so that I wouldn't miss any. I have watched the UK version (countdown) and I don't like it very much. I dislike the banter between the hosts and his guests (and I usually don't mind this in UK shows). I also find it sometimes difficult to understand the words that not only the contestants say but also the lady who looks them up in the dictionary. I really really miss the professionalism and good naturedness of Richard, David and Lily. And I am very close to not even watching the UK version.
2012-08-07 19:29
Please, Lapees, Speela, Espale. Apelse, 16-12-5-1-19-5, PLEASE, bring L&N back
SBS, please listen to your audience and reinstate the Letters and Numbers(L&N)program.

Was it a purely financial decision to substitute L&N with a foreign version? If not, I don't understand why such challenging, good fun, home-grown entertainment would be cancelled.

Quiz shows are plentiful, and not unique to SBS. With cable TV and a multitude of fast, clean download options available we, your audience, has access a vast library of premium entertainment content. Indeed, many of the respondents here have commented that they watch the show not only for the quiz, which is terrific, but for the chemistry and banter between Richard, David, Lily and the contestants - Aussie style. I would like to add my voice to this chorus.

In recognition of the time and support investment that each L&N viewer has made, I hope that you will give our feedback the consideration it deserves.

If L&N returns then I will certainly tune in to this time slot.
2012-08-07 16:21
John Knight
It's very easy to make a nine letter conundrum when you use two words. I mean HORSEMEAT, I thought that was a bit dodgy, but JOBSEEKER? Come off it, that's two words.