Help save Letters and Numbers

2012-07-17 13:25
In the Kitchen
Instead of the numbers, it'll be like this...

100 grams of lean beef
75 grams of organic noodle
50 grams of green leafyvegetables
25 grams of MSG
4 grams of butter
1 gram of salt

Shame, this is alot better........
2012-07-16 12:24
James Kellett
Letters and blunders!
Honestly can't fathom why SBS would get rid of my favorite show on TV just to have Lily replaced on a cooking show ah! (cause that's really displaying her talents....not) If i want to watch people cook I will go to a commercial station or just practice myself in the kitchen. Didn't SBS already have Pilot Guides and Food Safari to fit that specific audience anyway????

Simply a banal and ludicrous decision on the managements behalf which I sincerely hope gets reversed. It's the only TV viewing outside of documentaries that used to test ones mind and make you learn. never once in my life would I sit down to do a quiz book but letters and numbers made this interactive and fun.
2012-07-15 21:07
Gavin Harper
Letters & Numbers
On a recent cruise UK comedian/entertainer David Copperfield said he didn't do TV anymore because he can't cook. At the time I laughed but I'm not laughing now that I find the one programme I try not to miss is to be axed and that Lily is to appear in a cooking programme.

SBS, please reconsider. We like Lily doing what she has been doing. Leave our programme alone - it's one of the very few worth turning on these days. I've seen a number of recent episodes of the UK version and it is not as good.
2012-07-15 16:10
Dee Why
Letters and Numbers
Distraught! Loved the challenge! Your reasons for axing are laughable! Surely it is low cost and cuts across all age groups - get real!
2012-07-14 19:05
Sue Britt
Coober Pedy
Axing of Letters & Numbers
I finally thought of something positive to say about the axing of my favourite tv program - Letters & Numbers: I no longer have to watch those stupid insurance ads. By the way, SBS, what do your sponsors think about the loss of so many viewers?
2012-07-14 17:34
Beth Hansen
Lennox Head
Return Letters & Numbers via people political power
The automated reply to me from SBS claimed that the decision to axe Letters and Numbers was "in order to be able to develop other programs so we can continue to offer new, great content to our audiences."

Countdown UK is not new. YET ANOTHER cooking program, Destination Flavour (even with Lilly) will be neither be new nor contain great content. I despair at the loss of Lilly as a smart and attractive role model inspiring young girls to think of future lives apart from cooking !

Time to start lobbying our local, state & federal politicians about the loss of intelligent, Australian content on SBS.

Or maybe GetUp could arrange an online campaign ?
2012-07-13 16:17
John Knight
Destination Flavour
Whoah, whoah, hold up, people. No one ever said Destination Flavour and Letters and Numbers were mutually exclusive. When they were shooting that, it was in the knowledge that L&N was still running. David, Lily, and Richard were all touched by our comments, but some of the comments about Destination Flavour seem nothing less than animosity.

If Lily wants to be in a cooking show, that's fine, don't start undoing all the good vibes we had by turning that show into an object of hatred. At least from what I'm aware of in reading, the two shows were sitting side-by-side, and I don't think there was a hint at a scheduling conflict. True, if one had to exist over the other, I'd obviously much prefer L&N to stay, but I don't think that's necessarily the case.
2012-07-13 13:42
Susan Kouba
Woy Woy
SBS Website
Censorship Malcolm. I put two comments on the website, without expletives, I may add. They never appeared. I for one will not be watching Lily Serna's Destination Flavour. What about David and Richard; and Serna is selling her soul to the devil. Don't know how she can sleep at night. SBS can ram it wherever. As far as Cadel and his cohorts go, I am bored RIGID!
2012-07-12 23:18
James Spiller
A Unique And Much-Loved Program
There are other puzzle television programs, with their own appreciative audiences.
There is not another program like Letters & Numbers.

The flag for every other type of program is flown fairly on every network. Let fly the flag for this singular production.

There is no other game show as pure; it's not diluted with gaudily presented 'showcases'.
It's simple, straightforward, and feeds the mind.

This is a show which should not just be allowed to continue, it should be encouraged and promoted.
Of course it's not to everyone's taste, but that is far from the point.
It's nourishment for an audience that would otherwise be left to starve.

Come on, SBS. Show some heart, some soul, and some of that intelligence that we know you possess.
2012-07-12 21:53
Malcolm Dale
SBS Deleting all viewer comments
Have just checked the L and N section on the SBS site and ALL comments have been removed.
What is going on?