Help save Letters and Numbers

2012-06-26 09:49
John and Laurel Haddon
Hazelbrook NSW
Letters and Numbers
We and our entire extended family (30 of us)watch Letters and Numbers every night religiously. We get great pleasure from it and find that members of the family of all ages are improving their literacy and numeracy as a result.
Please don't axe this great show because it is so important to the community
2012-06-26 09:48
Sad news!
6pm is a Do Not Disturb time in our household. Letters and Numbers is the best show on TV. Please, please do NOT axe it.
2012-06-26 09:43
Arthur King and Margaret King
Bring Back Letters and Numbers
My wife and I sit down each night and watch the show for a half hour of great mental stimulation. We'll be lost without it. No other show does the same for us.
2012-06-26 09:37
Geoff Bailey
Newtown, Sydney
Re. Express your opinion more publicly
Thanks, D -- I have added your excellent comment to the About page.
2012-06-26 09:35
Michael M
Letters and Numbers - an SBS Triumph!
To discontinue such a fine family program is so very disappointing. It is such a refreshing and welcoming program.
2012-06-26 09:28
Express your opinion more publicly
The best chance of saving the show is to express yourself in the most public forums, which means the mainstream media. Write to daily newspapers, and in Melbourne write to The Age Green Guide. Ring talkback radio. Not only will this put the most pressure on SBS but it will also notify as many other people as possible what SBS is doing. If the announcement has been made only on the website then not many people will know yet and the campaign to save it might not be widespread enough. I suggest that these suggestions be added under "What can be done?"
2012-06-26 09:26
Linda Raymond
L & N
I prided myself on competing without pencil and paper and doing it all in my head. V satisfying to outdo the contestants from time to time. A great show, a dumb decision to axe it, especially after it has been nominated as one of tele's 'must-see' programs. Not commercial enough? I say thank the gods for that!
2012-06-26 09:25
We need more shows like this!
We need more smart women shown on TV, to let kids know that basic literacy and numeracy are important! (No offense to people who make their living singing, acting etc, but we have plenty of those and not enough of the basics that actually make society work!) We have heard of several kids learning letters from this show. Letters and numbers has helped me improve my spelling and maths ability - and I was pretty smart already! Think how many other people it's helping! Having the British version just wouldn't be the same, we need to show that WE can do these things. Please please don't axe this program!
2012-06-26 09:23
Denistone, NSW
It's not too late to change your mind!
The only all-ages cerebral show on television, providing the only competition without judging and vacuous comments. And Lily...the best example for young girls that brains are to be celebrated.
2012-06-26 09:22
My two sons and I love the program. Instead of sitting in front of a computer screen they are using that space between their ears. We often sit and see who can achieve the highest score. Lily is amazing how she can solve those numeric puzzles in such a short time. We often cheat on our Tivo and still cant get the result. Shame SBS shame