Help save Letters and Numbers

2012-06-26 11:30
Denise Robertson
Bexley, NSW
Letters and Numbers
Please, please keep L&N going after the Tour D' France. I absolutely love the show. Lily, David and Richard are like my friends. At 6.00pm everything in my house gets put on the backburner so that my grandson and I can watch and play with the contestants. We never miss itI am 73 years old and I love the fact that my 4 year old grandson is also interested which is such a pleasure to see. I'm sure it is not a very expensive program to run.
L&N has increased my passion for words and I thought it was good for my grandson too.
SBS, Please reconsider the "resting" of this wonderful L&N half hour which then leads me to your news at 6.30pm.
2012-06-26 11:29
John Brannan
Letters and numbers
Please keep the show on the air. We enjoy watching the program with our grandchildren
Thank you
2012-06-26 11:25
letters & numbers
Why take off a well made local show and replace it with an enlish version of the same game. Daft if you ask me!!!
2012-06-26 11:24
Letters and Numbers
Hope to see L & N on our screens for years to come. Don't axe it!
2012-06-26 11:13
Jeff Saliba
Letters And Numbers
The only quiz show I watch. Inteqlligent and entertaining. The collective IQ of this country would drop if it went off the air.
2012-06-26 11:06
Australian Content Please!
This is a terrible decision SBS! A much loved Australian show that encourages use of the brain is "rested". What are you thinking? Please reinstate Letters and Numbers!
2012-06-26 11:00
Kids need more than cartoons
Whilst my kids are a bit young for this show. My 3 yo happily watches animal documentaries and DVDs about space and basically other 'educational' type shows. Bring back the curiosity show while your at it! I have nothing but good memories of watching that on a Friday afternoon as a primary school kid. I hope my kids can turn on the box to find other brain engaging shows during their prime time viewing. Good on you for trying to keep the show going!
2012-06-26 10:54
Paul Jackson
Dickson ACT
MentalSkills V Soccer skills, It's a no brainer
One day one of you bean counters will need someone intelligent to help you out of a bind, heart surgery perhaps. Just pop over to England and all will be well. Why not axe a few hours of soccer from the schedule instead? What community do you think you serve?
2012-06-26 10:52
Brisbane North
Dont dump it
Don't take it off the air!! It is the best show EVER. I love you Lilly
2012-06-26 10:52
Watch out for ch 7 and ch 9
If you don't reinstate it, my guess is it will be picked up by one of the other stations and they will milk it, with a bigger and better format with bigger prizes. It is SUCH a good show and SO popular that they would be CRAZY not to