Help save Letters and Numbers

2012-06-26 09:22
L&N Give it a go!
This is a fantastic show for all ages. It is very hard to believe that SBS does not see what a mistake it would be to remove this.
2012-06-26 09:21
Letters and Numbers
Money wins every time over entertainment. How old will the British version be? How cheap? L and N is intellectual entertainment for all ages and the way Lily looks is a huge plus. Give us more, not less!
2012-06-26 09:20
Ian A
Save Letters & Numbers!
Fantastic show, great presenters, amazingly intelligent contestants & what does it cost to make? A few salaries, a small studio & a pile of Macquarie Dictonaries. We should be exporting this show to the UK, not vice versa!
2012-06-26 09:20
Alan Mathews
Kingston, Tasmania
Letters and Numbers
The decision to discontinue production of Letters and Numbers is very disappointing. If it is due to insufficient suitable contestants being available, as has been rumoured, it seems odd that Tasmania was never included as a possible source of candidates.

SBS is Australian. Keep it that way as much as possible.
2012-06-26 09:18
Roman Turkiewicz
Local content?
I can't believe that SBS is sacrificing this well produced/received show for the sake of cost saving. But what I have heard re management direction doesnt surprise me that this decision has been made. The people will have their say and hopefully the people will be heard loud and clear. BRING IT BACK SBS!! Support local talent...
2012-06-26 09:14
We love Richard, Lily and David
L & N is my favourite program, my 3 children (in their 20s) and I all thoroughly enjoy sitting together and 'competing', I guess you could call us a family mix :) We have lots of fun, it's a special time for us and we particularly enjoy the warmth and intelligence of Richard, Lily and David, as well as the way they relate to each other. Lily, apart from being adorable, is a WONDERFUL role model for girls and young women, beautiful, a real sweetheart and SO intelligent! A British version would never be the same. You CAN'T axe this wonderful programme, I haven't even managed to get a full monty yet! SAVE LETTERS AND NUMBERS!
2012-06-26 09:07
Not good enough SBS
This decision, based purely on money, is poor and should be reconsidered. This civilised, intelligent show that no doubt costs a pittance anyway has a loyal, dedicated following. How dare SBS just decide, without warning, to dismiss the views of a large portion of its audience.
2012-06-26 09:06
Virginnia Elliott
Central coast
Letters & numbers
I am astonished that this program offering gentle stimulation with our own impressive identities is to be replaced by something from overseas.
My grandchildren & I have enjoyed it together for ages, and do express our frustration at this decision.
2012-06-26 09:05
L&N a great challenge
Lily is a wonderful role model and inspiration for women and young girls who also love Maths. She is actually teaching many different approaches to problem solving in a fun way through Letters & Numbers. The program is challenging, educational, fun and honours intelligent thinking. Please reconsider axing our all Australian Letters and Numbers.
2012-06-26 09:03
George Smythe
SBS you are crazy! Why replace a fantastic, winning formula with a foreign import?